7 ha – Acahay, located near the town with a larger house

Land size: 7 hectares, completely fenced

Location: Acahay, directly on two wide and well-traveled dirt roads

Power supply: City electricity, three-phase alternating current possible

Water supply: City water connection, private well

Internet reception: Good

Construction: One large house (with a small shop)

Special features: Proximity to the city, close to the paved road leading to the center, fruit trees (oranges, lemons, mangoes)


Price: 78,570,000 PYG per hectare (approximately €9,820 per hectare at the current exchange rate), Total price: approximately €68,750

The purchase price is to be paid in Paraguayan Guarani. The provided Euro price is for reference only and may vary based on the current exchange rate.


Phone number: +595(0) 971392341

WhatsApp link: wa.link/xa0mci

Email address: Cliz06491@gmail.com